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  • Pages 8
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  • Web Hosting Space 1 GB
  • HTML5 & CSS3  
  • JavaScript & JQuery  
  • Chrome Web Store Submission  
  • Delivery Time 7 - 8 Working Days


  • Pages 25
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  • Web Hosting Space 5 GB
  • HTML5 & CSS3  
  • JavaScript & JQuery  
  • Chrome Web Store Submission  
  • Delivery Time 15 - 20 Working Days

Features of Chrome WebStore Plugin Development

Google Chrome, the fastest web browser used in Windows PC/Laptop, Mac PC/Laptop, Android, iOS, etc. With the increase in potential, there is also an increase in extensions or plugins development. The extension or plugins helps browser to fetch information in more efficient manner. The best plugin example for Chrome is Adobe Flash Player. To fulfil those requirements HostChef experts are ready to accept the challenge for developing Chrome Web Store plugins. Award us a plugin project to publish your ideas.

Chrome Store App Development

Chrome Web Store Submission

After development of your required application which is fully tested and bug free, we on your behalf can submit your application to Chrome Web Store by following proper guidelines of Chromium. We will create a developer account and upload your plugin or extension to desired category with hd screenshots and video (if available). You can easily find your application in Chrome Web Store.

  • Proper submission of your plugin package file
  • Get yourself free from plugin documentation
  • You will get a Google developer network account
  • Premium Plugin Design

    Our experts will design your plugin by keeping in mind your company reputation, colors, templates, so that it would be easy for your clients to find you in the store. Your app will somehow resembles your identity with premium and glossy touch to bars, buttons, images, menu, footer, etc.

  • Premium design
  • Glossy bars, buttons, images, etc
  • Ultra icon of application
  • Chrome App Design

    Open Source Chromium Development

    Google Chrome is being developed by Chromium which is an open source project. Your Chrome Application is developed using combination of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, etc languages. JavaScript is used to generate functionality, while the HTML & CSS languages is responsible for creating the design layout. We will develop your application with clean and elegant coding that fulfil your needs.

  • Clean and Efficient Coding
  • Best fit for Browser layouts
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Rendering
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